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Find or invite your favourite barber
or choose a barber near you, no time to waste.

Join Queue

Distance is not an issue, join the queue,
in a convenient fashion. The power is in your hands.

Get Trimmed

Be kept informed as you move along
in the queue. You cannot miss your turn.

Plan your time

Wait, don't just leave the house for your next trim. Check to make sure your barber is opened for business or learn how long the queue is and join from the comfort of your home

Now you can utilize your time better, just download BarbersQ App

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Never miss your spot

Have you ever been in a situation where you've patiently queued up for your trim and just when it was about to get to your turn you had to abandoned your spot, because of a brief emergency.

 BarbersQ to the rescue, just get on with your life and be notified when it is approaching your turn.

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It's Free

Guess what, you don't have to pay a dime to enjoy all the goodies BarbersQ App offers.

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Join multiple queues

We all from time to time encounter situations whereby we cannot make it to our favourite barber all because of time constraint. This is where BarbersQ App comes in handy. BarbersQ will still allow you to join the queue at your favourite barbershop and simultaneously join a queue in a barbershop within your proximity. 

BarbersQ App is true a life saver, you now don't have the excuse not to look the part.


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